Video Kiosk license activation lost

bellinimedia01 asked 11 months ago

Hello. I have an issue. Few weeks ago i bought Video Kiosk from Play Store(from device) and all worked fine, but now Video Kiosk ask me to buy license again! device ID is: (android id) google id is (account address). Help me please with this

1 Answers
admin Staff answered 11 months ago

If something happened on the device that results in the license being lost you need to make sure it has the same Android ID (for example a factory reset will change the Android ID).  Assuming the Android ID has not changed, follow these steps:

  1. make sure the account is added to the device
  2. uninstall Video Kiosk
  3. re-install Video Kiosk
  4. re-activate the license by touching the Activate button on the License Activity screen

If that does not solve the problem, send an email to support at burningthumb dot com so I can look at it further.