Deleting files on Google Drive does not delete files on Android computer

jdotedot asked 7 months ago

Hi: I’m using Google Drive to supply files to the Video Kiosk run by an M16 Android computer.  When I add files to my Google Drive folder in the cloud, they show up on the Android computer and are displayed by the Video Kiosk.  When I delete files on my Google Drive folder in the cloud, I can confirm they are deleted by looking at the Google Drive folder through the browser on another computer.  So I know they are deleted in the cloud.  However the files are never deleted on the M16 Android computer.  Any ideas? Thanks, John Ens

1 Answers
admin Staff answered 7 months ago

The delete phase happens after the download phase and the download phase MUST complete successfully.  So my guess is that something is not finishing being downloaded so the delete phase is never being executed.  You can test by disabling the Drive Download built in to Video Kiosk and using the third party App Autosync Google Drive configured in Mirror (download only) mode to see if it has the same problem.

replied 7 months ago

Thanks. Autosync Google Drive solved the problem. I like this utility because it gives me good status information about when it is syncing and what it has synced.
John Ens