Android 6.0?

wallaby asked 4 years ago

Hi – i have purchased an RCA android tablet (Viking Pro) that is running Android 6.0. I am using the free trial, but when i start Video Kiosk, it plays the loop fine the first time and then stops running full screen.  i saw that there may be an issue with Android 6 in the Manual at Appendix 2.
i am unclear as to whether this means that Video Kiosk cannot be used on this tablet or whether i am doing something wrong in the set-up.

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admin Staff answered 4 years ago

Android 6 has been flaky for me depending on the vendor / firmware but for a simple use like playing a loop it should work – lots of people are using it.
I assume you are using the latest Video Kiosk from the App store, but if not, do make sure you have it and not some older side loaded version.
Then, if you have the latest version of Video Kiosk and the problem persists, I’d try this:

    1. Factory rest the device
    2. Re-install Video Kiosk
    3. Try the loop again

If it fails after that then return the devices for a refund and try with another device.
If you can get Android 7 or 8 that would be best. If you are using Android v7 or later and you make Video Kiosk the device owner (or if you are using a rooted device), then when you choose Video Kiosk using the home icon in its button bar it will permanently disable the other launcher so you will never see it again – this is the best solution – get rid of other launchers on the device by hiding / disabling / or removing them.