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AD 2442

The year is 2442. Your encounter with a star going super nova has left you stranded in hostile space and short on the resources you need to power your weapons and shields. In this retro arcade-style game, you’ll collect resources and destroy hazards to survive. Have you seen the enemy mother ship? Good luck. You’ll need it.

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Mars 2055

You wake up, alone, on a planet that appears to be Mars. There is not much else I can tell you. The rest is up to you. In this first person solo game there are clues all around you but the only thing I can tell you is its time to start moving. While you still can. Finding your way home seems like the best option.

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BTS Kart

BTS Kart is a fun karting / racing game for all ages. Imagine the heart-thumping thrill of driving the way you would, if you could. Hog the road. Floor the gas pedal. Pass recklessly. Take curves way too fast. Slam into other karts. Crash with no broken bones.

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Coconut Hut

You find yourself and your good friend Ami on a desert island with nothing but the shirt on your back and a deserted hut. The coconuts are ripe and are falling from the trees. Some coconuts are dry and easy to carry, some coconuts are under the rain cloud and are wet and harder to carry. It’s a race between you and Ami to see who can collect the most coconuts. You’ll need speed and strategy if you want to win.

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iDrone is a classic drone simulator game that lets you to fly an unmanned aerial vehicle over a 3D cityscape or a mountain terrain and blow up targets. Fly the drone, do target practice, take on a mission. Take out the target.

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BTS Net Pong

BTS Net Pong is a thumb busting, mullet rocking, no console, two player, network version of Classic Pong and a re-imagined Breakout Pong that only a 70s kid with a tin of Orange Crush and a vague memory of what actually happened can truly appreciate.

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