Video Kiosk Android FAQ

General Questions

What are the System Requirements for Video Kiosk?

System Requirements: Android 4.4 or later
Compatibility: Android phone, Android tablet, Android TV, Android TV Box
Some advanced features, such as HDMI-CEC, require Android v5+ or Android v6+. For further information, refer to the user’s manual.

How does the Google Play Store free trial work?

Video Kiosk comes with a Free Trial download so you can try all the features before purchase. In the free trial version, the video display is overlaid with a watermark. When you purchase a license for your production device, the watermark is removed on that device.

How does the Licensing work?

Video Kiosk is licensed on a per device basis. If you need to install the App on a large number of devices, volume licensing is available.

Is Internet Access required for License Activation?

When you are activating or deactivating a license, Internet Access is required.
When you are running Video Kiosk, internet access is not required. (Exceptions: Some of the optional features – Cloud Updating, Scheduling with Google Calendar, Management System, do require Internet Access to work.)

Video Kiosk Operation Questions

Where are the settings?

By default, the Button Bar is displayed for a few seconds when you launch Video Kiosk and then it automatically hides. To display it again, 
– Single-tap the screen, or
– Swipe down on the screen, or
– Swipe up on the screen, or
– Press the down arrow on a controller or remote control.
For more information about the Settings, go to the Video Kiosk Settings Tutorial

Buying and Licensing Questions

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