Donnas GPS iTunes Store Listings Text

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Remember in GPS, top of fold is 6 lines

Update Log

GPS Shredit Android

LUD 24 Feb 2017 – removed “Overview” so more info in Top of Fold 6 lines

GPS Video Kiosk Android

LUD 20 Feb 2017

GPS Video Kiosk Weather Widget

LUD 20 Feb 2017

18 Mar 17
Added new format instructions to WP GPS Main Page. Re-formatted listing.

GPS Video Kiosk RSS Widget

LUD 20 Feb 2017

Formatting Instructions

GPS-supported HTML

Heading formatting

Paragraph formatting

OL / UL – no (17 Mar 17)

Text formatting

strong – yes (18 Mar 17)


html links – yes (17 Mar 17)

Content, Organization and Format

LICENSING  (Heading Upper Case, Strong)

Overview [no heading to keep desc over the fold]

Body – 1 paragraph

FEATURES  (Heading Upper Case, Strong)

dash list

TECH SPECS  (Heading Upper Case, Strong)

Body – use this format

System Requirements: Android 4.x or later

Compatibility: Any Android Device

INSTALLATION  (Heading Upper Case, Strong)

Body – use this format


Body –