Video Kiosk Lock asked 4 years ago

We’re using Video Kiosk to show videos in our restaurant.  I want to keep the staff from being able to access the system while it’s in Kiosk mode playing videos.  Is there a way to PIN lock the app so they can’t get out of Video Kiosk without entering a PIN of some kind?

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admin Staff answered 4 years ago

Yes.  This is done by including, in your playback folder, a file of the form: someword.password where someword is the password.
So, again for example, if I include a file named burningthumb.password, then I will need to enter the password burningthumb to make changes.
There are a couple of caveats:
(1) dropbox sync won’t sync empty files, so the file needs to contain something if you are using dropbox to sync files.  I usually just use a text editor and put the password in the file.
(2) if your device is not rooted then the System UI cannot be killed which means the device settings can still be accessed.  So its best to use a rooted tablet/TV stick to ensure complete lockdown of the device
(3) the device can always be restarted, so make sure to set Video Kiosk as the home App so that when the device is restarted Video Kiosk is launched instead of the Android launcher

admin Staff answered 3 years ago

In v4.1.0 we plan to also allow the password to be set in the App settings.  The beta is available now so if you need that feature contact us to get your account added to the beta program.