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Video Kiosk – Android supports digital signage in both full screen and a split screen layout where three areas can host standard Android App Widgets. While there are literally thousands of App Widgets available, there wasn’t a vertical, portrait view, weather widget designed to fit the digital signage sidebar. So we wrote one.

Video Kiosk Weather Widget lists the current weather in a vertical list to fit a digital signage sidebar. It supports multiple layouts and comes with a free trial. Video Kiosk Weather Widget runs on Android 4 or later and is compatible with any Android Device.

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  • Displays weather in vertical | portrait view to fit sidebar
  • Supports 3 layouts
  • Free trial. While it is fully functional, for demo purposes weather updates always display the conditions in Richmond, BC, Canada. Once you purchase and activate a license, the weather widget will update using the conditions in your selected location.


Technical Specifications

System Requirements: Android 4 or later

The Video Kiosk Weather Widget is powered by Yahoo and supports finding places (where in the world id), multiple layouts, and multiple weather condition icons. Because Yahoo Weather requires the use of OAuth authentication, a Yahoo Api Key and Api Secret are required to activate the Video Kiosk Weather Widget license.

Compatibility: any Android Device



Video Kiosk Android Weather Widget Screenshot
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Android Weather Widget displays weather in portrait view, in Area B of Video Kiosk’s Digital Signage screen.
Video Kiosk Android - Digital Signage Mode - Four Panel Area B



Changing the Video Kiosk – Android Weather Widget Layout

The weather widget supports 3 layouts:

The icons appear on the right and the icon for the current conditions is slightly larger and slightly offset to the left.
Icons Right
The icons appear on the right, they are all the same size and, as a result, center aligned.
Icons Left
The icons appear on the left,  they are all the same size and, as a result, center aligned.

Customizing the Video Kiosk Weather Widget

What is your ultimate layout for a portrait view Android Weather Widget? Different font, different background? A custom layout can be created, just for your installation, so that the weather widget appears exactly as you would like. If you are interested in a customized widget layout, please contact us directly by using the Contact Us page on this site.

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