Video Kiosk Schedule Calendar Command Reference Guide

Video Kiosk – Android may be controlled via the Android Calendar or Google Calendar. Video Kiosk will check the calendar and execute commands based on the time and description of the calendar entry. By default, at the time of the calendar event, Video Kiosk will start playing the video loop according to how the Playback Order is set, and stop playing at the end of the calendar event. You can change this behavior by including these commands in the description of the calendar entry.

videokiosk_display_default{on,off}Set the display default used in the settings. This controls whether or not content is displayed during a schedule event. The default value is on which means schedule events automatically turn on content playback.
videokiosk_path/path/to/playback/folderSet the playback path used by Video Kiosk. This is the same as changing the playback folder in the App by clicking the folder icon in the button bar.
videokiosk_display{on,off}Turn the display on or off for this event. You can override the display default on an event, by event, basis using this command. For example if the default is on, you can turn display off for specific events and vice versa.


To turn content display off for just one event add this line to the event description:


To change the path to the content folder (be careful the path depends on the device so check the path with a file browser on your device prior to using this command) add this line to the event description:

videokiosk_path=/mnt/sdcard/Current Schedule


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