Yearly Archives: 2014

Video Kiosk v3.0.0 has been released.  This update includes the following changes: support for displaying much larger images support for overlay PNG files support for overlay hotspots (defined in an XML file) that display web pages support for sorting using an .m3u8 playlist file You can find Video Kiosk in […]

Video Kiosk v3.0.0 released

We have released Video Kiosk v2.2.1.  This update adds support for still images and integrates google calendar so that you can drive the display (or not) of your content with a that is synched to your Android device.  You can read more about Video Kiosk here.

Video Kiosk v2.2 released

We have released Video Kiosk v1.5.0.  This update removes the App name from the title bar completely so that even when you tap the screen it is not displayed.  It also fixes a problem that could cause the Video Kiosk to exit on Android v4.0.  You can read more about […]

Video Kiosk v1.5.0 released

We have released a version of the ShredIt free space overwrite software for Android. This version targets Android 4.0 and later so all of the latest Android phones, tablets, and TV sticks are compatible with ShredIt for Android.  ShredIt for Android support the Mireth proprietary overwrite standard as well as […]

ShredIt for Android released